Faery Realm Tarot Paintings

Penelope Clement was inspired to create a tarot deck for the Faery Realm while painting the Men’s Sacred Tarot deck. As she was completing the painting which is now “The Fool”, it began to speak to her. She was called to create another version of the Faery Realm. She does not claim any of these images are “true”. They are simply what has been sent to her, and she was as faithful to what was coming to her as possible. Here is what the Fool has to say:

“Don’t be fooled into thinking these are Penelope’s messages and images. They come straight from us in the Faery Realm. She was open enough to allow them to come through her creative channels. But, don’t be surprised if you get a completely different message — unique and meant just for you. To enter the Faery Realm you must be flexible and adventurous. This is the biggest painting because we are connected to big energies — the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Just because we are playful and fun doesn’t mean we aren’t powerful. We hope to play with you. But you must leave rigid thinking behind and come open-hearted. You might be surprised at what you find here in the Faery Realm. There is a lot of energy here available for you. Please be foolish and courageous and join us on this merry adventure…Let your creative energy speak to you too.”