Star Song Oracle Cards

The Star Song cards are designed to connect you to the stars and their cosmic wisdom. There are 72 steps on the way to Cosmic Harmony. Each one is important by itself, and they all work together.  The structure of the deck is based on:        

About The Deck

This deck is like an 8-story building.  Each level of the building contains one of the 8 Principles of Cosmic Harmony. There are 9 rooms on each floor. When you enter into a particular room (draw a particular card) you are dealing with one element of cosmic harmony, allowing you to see something specific to your situation. No room or level is more important than the others. Each one adds to the Harmony of the Whole–the whole building, your whole life, the whole universe.  The cards show the meaning of the card, the Star Song step number, the room number, and the level number.  Questions are included to help you focus on your situation.  It is good to look at the Principle of Cosmic Harmony found on that level.  Also included is a totem, a special being to help give you guidance.

The 8 Principles of Cosmic Harmony:

  1. Relativity (or Relationship)
  2. Resolution (in harmony with yourself)
  3. Resonance (interrelationship with others)
  4. Reflection (outer and inner, reflect each other)
  5. Change (needs to happen)
  6. Choice (aware of choices)
  7. Conservation (no loss of energy, only form changes)
  8. Concession (Self-awareness)