The Stonehenge Tarot Paintings

The Stonehenge Tarot Paintings came as a complete surprise to Penelope, and one she is very excited about. As she was nearing completion of the Faery Realm paintings, she began to wonder what was next when Stonehenge suddenly showed up in her meditation. She decided she needed to go see the stones. Then the inspiration came: her next deck would be about the mineral kingdom. She feels Stonehenge holds important messages for all of us in relation to universal connections, which we are ready to explore after addressing our individual healing.

She completed the trip to Stonehenge in England in May of 2008. While in England she visited Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, and the quarry in Wales where some of the stones originated.  Then she started the next adventure — creating and painting the messages from the stones using sketches and photos from England. She allowed the stones to guide her in the creation of this deck.  They have spoken clearly through the archetype paintings. These paintings have been inspired by the traditional archetypes, but carry their own messages.  The number card paintings are based on the directions – East/Initiation, North/Purification, West/Magic, South/Manifestation, and Center/Wholeness.

The Stonehenge Tarot deck was completed and published in 2011.