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Welcome to the Artistry of Penelope

Welcome to the Artistry of Penelope Clement! We invite you to take a look around and take the next step on your journey.

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About Penelope Clement and her Spiritually-Channeled Art

Penelope was approached to paint the Archetypes for the Men’s Sacred Healing Tarot.  The process became deeply spiritual. Besides the joy of being a longtime painter, Penelope now was tuning in to the spiritual ramifications of each card as she painted.  She herself was thrown into the fire of each card’s message. She opened up to these powerful messages and felt herself transformed as she worked with these paintings.

After completing the Men’s deck, she was prompted to move into further tarot painting exploration.  Penelope’s Faery Realm Tarot was guided by energies from that realm who were adamant about how the deck would unfold and what it would say.

Next, Penelope was prompted to go to Stonehenge and “open the portals”.  She went to England and spent time with Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and Avebury.  She even went to Wales to visit the site were some stones were quarried. When she returned, the stones helped her create the Stonehenge Speaks deck.  The Archetypes are unique and the number cards are based on a path of manifestation – Initiation, Purification, Magic, Manifestation, and Wholeness.

Then the  Stars wanted their turn.  This time the information came through in an oracle deck based on The Eight Principles of Cosmic Harmony.  The deck was completed in 2011, in time for the Big Shift in 2012. But the Stars were not done. Penny went back to Stonehenge in 2016 to bring in Star Children and activate the site as a connection to the universe.

Tree Talk came next.  It is an oracle deck based on the 7 Dimensions of Higher Intelligence.  The Trees want to re-green the earth. They are interested in bringing more life to life as we all learn to use our Higher Intelligence.

Finally, Bird Song is waiting for its turn.  Bird song vibrates on the level of intention.  So their conversation will be about the power of intention.  Penelope is starting these paintings in 2018.

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Alexandria Nichandros Testimonial

“Last Sunday I bought my first tarot deck, the Healing Deck, from Rev. Penny. Tonight I opened it and used it for the first time, for my friend Janelle. She was on her floor in massive amounts of pain from back spasms. The deck called to me and said let’s do this, now is the … read more

April Smith Testimonial

After my husband of 40 years passed away, I was left with a yearning to be re- partnered with a new husband, being too young to spend the next 30 years solo. I sent a cry to God, asking Him to direct the process.  When I visited Penny’s studio a month later, I saw a … read more

Jeanette S Voelm Testimonial

The Stonehenge Speaks Tarot Deck has a way of being grounded with the earth and yet knows its home is in the sky.  The cards combine ancient wisdom with the renewed knowledge from sacred geometry to the use of creativity and manifestation. Currently, as I am grieving the one-year anniversary of my daughter-in- laws sudden … read more

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Welcome to the website of the Artistry of Penelope Clement Blog!

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