Church of Spiritual Creativity – April 28, 2018

The Church of Spiritual Creativity is meeting the last Saturday of April.  We are accessing the Power of Dragonfly.  Dragonfly is the Guardian of the Dreamworld.  Our church is a Dragonfly House where dreams can come true.  Gabriella will initiate those who are interested into the Order of the Dragonfly.  Then we will do a visualization with dragonfly and a spontaneous drawing.  The drawing is quick and easy, like being 6 years old.  Finally we share our drawings and any insights we receive.  It is a fun and powerful process.  Address is 4136 Minnesota Ave., Fair Oaks, CA 95628.  The time is 10 AM to Noon with a potluck to follow.

Dragonfly says it is time to bring your dreams into manifestations. Are you ready to open the limits of your boundaries and step through to make your dreams come true?

New Oracle Deck

I am in the process of completing the paintings for a new deck called TREE TALK.  This deck is about re-greening the earth since trees are our green friends.  By re-greening we love our environment and also bring more life to life.  The deck is based on the 7 Dimensions of Higher Intelligence. The dimensions are Unity, Life, Love, Respect, Honesty, Justice and Kindness.  I have 2 paintings left in the Dimension of Kindness and one last painting for Higher Intelligence.  Once the paintings are complete, I will work on publishing the deck.  More information coming soon.

Welcome to the website of the Artistry of Penelope Clement Blog!

Welcome to the Artistry of Penelope Clement!

We are excited you are here! 2018 launches a brand new world to my artistry. Here you will find the path to your creative and transformational journey in the form of our many different offerings from my original works for sale and to prints of some of my most popular paintings. You will also be able to take the next step in your journey through my 4 different tarot decks you can find here.

And please share with us your own experiences on your path to creative transformation!