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Tree Talk Tarot
The greens/plants are the basis for all life on our planet. Without the greens, life as we know it would not be possible. All our food comes from the plants. ...
Mens Sacred Healing Tarot Deck
Men’s Sacred Healing Tarot contains readings specifically for men, along with general readings.  Also includes extra archetype cards.  Especially good to address issues and events in everyday life.  Provides a ...
Human Mind 11×17 Poster Print
Human Mind 11×17 Print $30 tax and shipping
Transformation 11×17 Poster Print
Transformation 11×17 Print $30 plus tax and shipping V4081804158 Transformation Poster
Stonehenge Speaks Tarot Deck
Stonehenge Speaks Tarot contains non-traditional interpretations.  Stonehenge connects us to the stars and cosmic wisdom.  This deck beings empowerment to a reading.  The number cards are based on a spiral ...
Faery Realm Tarot Deck
Penelope’s Faery Realm Tarot was inspired by the Faery Realm.  The deck connects to the intelligence of our natural world and honors all the beings of earth: mineral, plant, animal, ...
The Warrior 11×17 Poster Print
The Warrior 11×17 Print $30 plus tax and shipping V4081804157 The Warrior Poster
The Lovers 11×17 Poster Print
The Lovers 11×17 Print $30 plus tax and shipping
The First Step 11×17 Poster Print
The First Step 11×17 Print $30 plus tax and shipping
The Empress 11×17 Poster Print
The Empress 11×17 Print $30 plus tax and shipping
The Call 11×17 Poster Print
The Call 11×17 Print $30 plus tax and shipping