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8 – West: Freedom
Once you realize you create your life, you have freedom. Where is the path of freedom leading you now?
8 – North: Ocean of Fire
The Ocean of Fire connects us with our passion, imagination, and will. Where does your passion want to go?  
8 – East: Mystic Path
Now that the Female Voice is being heard, we are able to hear the intelligence of our heart. We are able to start walking the Mystic Path, which takes us ...
7 – West: Creativity
The power of creativity is incorporated into the painting as it is incorporated into us. What are you creating today?
8 – Center: Big Picture
White Eagle’s vision sees the big picture. His energy flows down through the World Tree until it is grounded in Mother Earth. What is your vision showing you today?
7 – South: Birth Canal
Between 2 rocks is a birth canal. Something large is being born, manifested. Who are you ready to be in order to manifest on this level?
7 – Center: Wisdom
Soul Power and Mind Power both have the ability to bless, heal, and enlighten. Can you apply both to the situation? What can be blessed, healed, or enlightened when you ...
6 – North: Inspiration
The central stone is receptive to the sparks of inspiration flowing through the opening created by turbulence. What is being revealed to you?
5 – West: Complexity
When something new emerges, complexity arises. Where are you in this process? Does it seem too confusing, or are you enjoying the increased richness in life?
6 – East: Back on the Path
This Avebury stone welcomes us with open arms as we are back on the path. Life is no longer dull and gray. Where would you like to go today?
5 – South: Wisdom of Obstacles
All obstacles can teach you something. What appears to be an obstacle? What is it telling you?
5 – North: Turbulance
Changes cause turbulence, and change requires turbulence before it can happen. What can you see now that was not available before?