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5 – East: Time Out
Here are three Avebury stones. Two are sleeping in the dark, one is awake in the light. Now is the time to rest and reconsider. Do you need time to ...
5 – Center: Three “H” Words
The three “H” words (honey, heaven, happiness) are closely related. What are you reaching for today?
4 – South: Balance of Aspects
To be an opening for manifestation, you must include all of your aspects; the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. What shows up for you as you include all these aspects?
4 – East: Rising Power
As you go forward, you get in touch with the power of your own earth energy. Amazing opportunities fill the horizon. You are amazed at what is now available. What ...
4 – Center: Unity Energy
The energy of Unity is flowing out of the Moon Temple. What does your intelligent heart bring to the situation? Can you see yourself in others?
3 – North: Larger Intelligence
Large growth brings larger intelligence. What larger thinking is being called forth in your situation?  
3 – West: Increase in Power
Your power increases as you connect with this powerful source within. What can you now step into with this increase in power?  
3 – East: Forward
A large head, which resembles a horse, from Avebury is asking the question, “Are you ready to get on your horse and ride? Is what you are doing in accordance ...
3 – Center: Weaving Together
The element of three knows how to weave together with creativity to bring harmony and balance to a situation. How are your body, mind, and spirit working with the situation? ...
2 – West: Inner Vision
Life force is flowing to you as you stand in the quiet of the unknown. Only your heart can capture the vision that is being sent. What vision are you ...
2 – North: Large Growth
Are you ready to receive the message/light/energy which will give you tremendous growth as you step out of the shadows and into the light of your being? What is available ...
2 – East: Next Step
At the bottom of the card is the foundation. The road is leading onward. The 3 Stones from Avebury are watching as you take the next step. What do they ...