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6 – Center: Sacred Geometry
Stonehenge was built with sacred geometry to be in alignment with the universe. How about you? Are you willing to build the structures you need (both inner and outer) to ...
10 – Center: Triple Promise
You have completed the Hero’s Path. The Well of Light is shining from deep within causing the triple rainbow to appear. Where is your light shining today? What promise are ...
9 – Center: Garden of Paradise
The Inca is revitalizing the land and the Tree of Life in the Garden of Paradise. Are you ready to create your own Garden of Paradise?
8 – Center: Big Picture
White Eagle’s vision sees the big picture. His energy flows down through the World Tree until it is grounded in Mother Earth. What is your vision showing you today?
7 – Center: Wisdom
Soul Power and Mind Power both have the ability to bless, heal, and enlighten. Can you apply both to the situation? What can be blessed, healed, or enlightened when you ...
5 – Center: Three “H” Words
The three “H” words (honey, heaven, happiness) are closely related. What are you reaching for today?
4 – Center: Unity Energy
The energy of Unity is flowing out of the Moon Temple. What does your intelligent heart bring to the situation? Can you see yourself in others?
3 – Center: Weaving Together
The element of three knows how to weave together with creativity to bring harmony and balance to a situation. How are your body, mind, and spirit working with the situation? ...
2 – Center: Many Worlds
There are many worlds found inside you. Here you see different worlds in your mind, hands, and feet. What ability are you bringing to you situation?