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10 – East: Opening to Purification
The red path is complete. It stops at the opening to the Realm of White/North/Purification. Are you excited about this new opening? What is it giving to you?  
9 – East: Way Over
The seeker is sitting and pondering what to do next. She has come to the boundary of her smaller world. Will she remain there? Or will she continue on the ...
8 – East: Mystic Path
Now that the Female Voice is being heard, we are able to hear the intelligence of our heart. We are able to start walking the Mystic Path, which takes us ...
6 – East: Back on the Path
This Avebury stone welcomes us with open arms as we are back on the path. Life is no longer dull and gray. Where would you like to go today?
5 – East: Time Out
Here are three Avebury stones. Two are sleeping in the dark, one is awake in the light. Now is the time to rest and reconsider. Do you need time to ...
4 – East: Rising Power
As you go forward, you get in touch with the power of your own earth energy. Amazing opportunities fill the horizon. You are amazed at what is now available. What ...
3 – East: Forward
A large head, which resembles a horse, from Avebury is asking the question, “Are you ready to get on your horse and ride? Is what you are doing in accordance ...
2 – East: Next Step
At the bottom of the card is the foundation. The road is leading onward. The 3 Stones from Avebury are watching as you take the next step. What do they ...
1 – East: Doorway
The Doorway can be seen as a door out of the prison of past limitations and decisions into the creative fire of being in life in a whole new way. ...