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6 – Center: Sacred Geometry
Stonehenge was built with sacred geometry to be in alignment with the universe. How about you? Are you willing to build the structures you need (both inner and outer) to ...
10 – South: Opening to Wholeness
When we experience our connection to the mother we are aware of great wealth, a sense of well being. Are you ready to manifest on this level?  
10 – East: Opening to Purification
The red path is complete. It stops at the opening to the Realm of White/North/Purification. Are you excited about this new opening? What is it giving to you?  
9 – West: Gateway
The dragonfly is the Guardian of the Dream World. He says that it is time to bring your dreams into manifestation. What dream is ready to be manifested?
9 – North: Willing Heart
The Willing Heart takes us to the world beyond right and wrong doing. What is your heart showing you?  
9 – South: Birth of Beauty
The most important factor in manifestation is beauty. If it has beauty, it is right on. What is beautiful in your life right now?
9 – East: Way Over
The seeker is sitting and pondering what to do next. She has come to the boundary of her smaller world. Will she remain there? Or will she continue on the ...
8 – West: Freedom
Once you realize you create your life, you have freedom. Where is the path of freedom leading you now?
8 – North: Ocean of Fire
The Ocean of Fire connects us with our passion, imagination, and will. Where does your passion want to go?  
8 – East: Mystic Path
Now that the Female Voice is being heard, we are able to hear the intelligence of our heart. We are able to start walking the Mystic Path, which takes us ...
7 – West: Creativity
The power of creativity is incorporated into the painting as it is incorporated into us. What are you creating today?
8 – Center: Big Picture
White Eagle’s vision sees the big picture. His energy flows down through the World Tree until it is grounded in Mother Earth. What is your vision showing you today?