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10 – South: Opening to Wholeness
When we experience our connection to the mother we are aware of great wealth, a sense of well being. Are you ready to manifest on this level?  
9 – South: Birth of Beauty
The most important factor in manifestation is beauty. If it has beauty, it is right on. What is beautiful in your life right now?
7 – South: Birth Canal
Between 2 rocks is a birth canal. Something large is being born, manifested. Who are you ready to be in order to manifest on this level?
5 – South: Wisdom of Obstacles
All obstacles can teach you something. What appears to be an obstacle? What is it telling you?
4 – South: Balance of Aspects
To be an opening for manifestation, you must include all of your aspects; the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. What shows up for you as you include all these aspects?