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9 – West: Gateway
The dragonfly is the Guardian of the Dream World. He says that it is time to bring your dreams into manifestation. What dream is ready to be manifested?
8 – West: Freedom
Once you realize you create your life, you have freedom. Where is the path of freedom leading you now?
7 – West: Creativity
The power of creativity is incorporated into the painting as it is incorporated into us. What are you creating today?
5 – West: Complexity
When something new emerges, complexity arises. Where are you in this process? Does it seem too confusing, or are you enjoying the increased richness in life?
3 – West: Increase in Power
Your power increases as you connect with this powerful source within. What can you now step into with this increase in power?  
2 – West: Inner Vision
Life force is flowing to you as you stand in the quiet of the unknown. Only your heart can capture the vision that is being sent. What vision are you ...