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Welcome to the Artistry of Penelope

Welcome to the Artistry of Penelope Clement! We invite you to take a look around and take the next step on your journey.

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April Smith Testimonial

After my husband of 40 years passed away, I was left with a yearning to be re-
partnered with a new husband, being too young to spend the next 30 years solo.
I sent a cry to God, asking Him to direct the process.  When I visited Penny’s
studio a month later, I saw a painting on the floor of her studio that immediately
struck me.

“Penny,” I said, “That painting is a picture of my next relationship!”
She replied, “Well the name of that painting is, “Are You Ready to Have an
Amazing Life?””

I had to buy it, knowing if I was to realize the intent of my prayer and the energy
of that painting I must take action and put my money where my mouth is. I had
never bought a painting before, it certainly was not in my budget, but in acting on
my commitment, matched with my experience of what the painting was
communicating to me, opened the channels of manifestation. A month later I met
the man who, a year later, would be my second husband. A very traditional San
Joaquin Valley boy, I expected he would think the painting, and my story, bizarre,
but he loved both and it currently hangs on our living room wall.

April Smith