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Welcome to the Artistry of Penelope

Welcome to the Artistry of Penelope Clement! We invite you to take a look around and take the next step on your journey.

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Jeanette S Voelm Testimonial

The Stonehenge Speaks Tarot Deck has a way of being grounded with the earth
and yet knows its home is in the sky.  The cards combine ancient wisdom with
the renewed knowledge from sacred geometry to the use of creativity and
manifestation. Currently, as I am grieving the one-year anniversary of my
daughter-in- laws sudden death. I went to the Stonehenge Speaks Deck and drew
a card asking the question "How does her early death serve me?  I drew
the 8-North card; Inspiration. Part of the message spoke to "sparks of inspiration
flowing through the opening created by turbulence". For me, this meant to return
to creating art as an outlet for my grief, as well as my opening to that which is
hidden and ready to be revealed. Did I mention that the pictures on the cards
seem to give off an energy frequency that greatly enhances the words written
about the cards in the booklet.

In appreciation for this deck, thank you, Rev. Penelope E. Clement!

Jeanette S Voelm