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Penelope Clement - Artist

Penelope Clement – Artist

About the Artist

Penelope Clement started painting in the mid 70’s in response to a ‘call’ to explore her creativity. She hadn’t considered herself an artist but her heart said “Give it a try and see how far it will lead you.” It’s been an extraordinary adventure which has led her to obtain a studio and to  create four tarot decks with a fifth one on the way. Penelope Clement’s Studio recently Penelope moved uptown.  Her studio is now located in the Kennedy Gallery, Sacramento CA 95811.

Penelope spent 12 years inspiring others through teaching The Artist Way Workshop.  She and Ellen Springwind facilitated Julia Cameron’s famous method for getting in touch one’s creativity.  She encourages everyone to explore their inner-artist.

About the Church of Spiritual Creativity

Penelope answered a second ‘call’ to becoming an interfaith minister. She completed her seminary work and was ordained in New York City in 2003. She began the Church of Spiritual Creativity in 2006, providing services quarterly, helping people’s highest expressions of creativity in a spiritual setting.  Periodically she presents a creativity program for the Women’s Group at Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento.

Developing Tarot Decks

Patrick Bell enrolled Penelope in developing the Men’s Sacred Healing Tarot in 1999.  They worked together with Lisa Culjis to create this first deck. She thought this was a one-time project.  But the decks keep coming. She created Penelope’s Faery Realm Tarot and Stonehenge Speaks Tarot. Then she branched into oracle decks.  Star Song is based on the 8 Principles of Cosmic Harmony. Tree Talk contains the 7 Dimensions of Higher Intelligence. And Bird Song, the power of intention, is on the horizon.  She not only creates a painting for each card, she also receives the wisdom that goes with the card. Then she compiles the booklet and publishes the deck.


Penelope Clement’s Gallery

One thought on “The Artist

  • iyaw kisOctober 14, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Hi Penny, You are the most visionary artist i had the pleasure of meeting
    yesterday’s art walk. Fresh compositions & colors, fun, pure yet wise – I loved

    Thank you for sharing your gift at the gallery – I loved that card
    “book of life” that I picked from your oracle deck.

    Inspired by your art, I recorded this classic jazz standard last night – enjoy

    iyaw kis

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