Tree Talk Tarot Cover

Tree Talk Tarot Cover

A Tarot Card Reading
Tarot readings are available in person and by phone. Penelope utilizes the power of the Men’s Sacred HealingTarot deck and Penelope’s Faery Realm Tarot deck together for an in-depth reading. She reports that many people have found important insights for moving forward after working with these decks. Penelope’s style is gentle yet straightforward. She is deeply committed to bringing about your inner peace through these imaginative tools.

How it Works
Penelope will start the session by allowing you to express your main concern or question. With your issue or question in mind, Penny will draw the cards from the decks and direct you to view the cards on website. Throughout the session, she will work with you to interpret the cards you see on your screen. After the consultation, you will receive an email referencing the cards from your reading, allowing you to view the cards at any time and carry the lessons of the reading with you long after the consultation is finished.

To contact Penelope about Tarot Card Readings, go through our contact page here.

Tarot Readings with Rev. Penelope Clement

5 Card Reading with 1 tarot deck  $75
10 Card Reading with 2 tarot decks  – $150
15 Card Reading with 3 tarot decks – $200

Oracle Card Readings with Rev. Penelope Clement

6 Card Star Song Reading Connecting Heaven and Earth – $150
6 Card Star Song Reading + 1 card from each tarot deck – $200