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Alexandria Nichandros Testimonial

“Last Sunday I bought my first tarot deck, the Healing Deck, from Rev. Penny. Tonight I opened it and used it for the first time, for my friend Janelle. She was on her floor in massive amounts of pain from back spasms. The deck called to me and said let’s do this, now is the time, this is the moment.

I was nervous but also calm. I got more nervous after the hand was dealt and I had to look up each card so carefully I didn’t know what anything meant but when I read each description… Then I just KNEW. I knew what to say that wasn’t in the description. I knew what to leave out, what not to read from the description. As I read aloud each description, I saw how it tied to the card before. As she talked about what she saw, more and more became clear. Worlds opened and meaning and truths just flew from my heart to my lips.

And the reading seamed to clear and open me, my channel, as much or maybe even more than her.

The rest of my time with her, I knew what she was feeling, I understood her pain, what her body needed, I understood what was happening in her mind, in her body, the connection between her emotions and her physical pain. I couldn’t or maybe I knew I shouldn’t, tell her everything I saw and felt and knew, but I trusted myself to say what she could hear, what she had space to take in I talked a lot more than I felt comfortable with normally in a situation like this, but I knew what I was saying was right and true and helpful. I know I made a big difference for her tonight. She thanked me and said she learned a lot. I feel strongly our connection is hugely deepened and will be even more impactful in the coming weeks and months. But I feel something in me is Awakened

I feel LIT UP.

I feel strong and energetic and AWAKE.

I feel rested and ready and alert.

I feel like some of the things I started to tap into and awaken months ago when I did the superhero workshop have just suddenly come awake again and also rooted down and found water.

Like I had something inside me, like an appliance, like a toaster or a blender or something. And in the Superhero workshop I did all this work to see the appliance and learn about it’s shape and size and dust it off and get to know it. But tonight I unintentionally plugged it in!”


~Alexandria Nichandros

August 7th, 2016

April Smith Testimonial

After my husband of 40 years passed away, I was left with a yearning to be re-
partnered with a new husband, being too young to spend the next 30 years solo.
I sent a cry to God, asking Him to direct the process.  When I visited Penny’s
studio a month later, I saw a painting on the floor of her studio that immediately
struck me.

“Penny,” I said, “That painting is a picture of my next relationship!”
She replied, “Well the name of that painting is, “Are You Ready to Have an
Amazing Life?””

I had to buy it, knowing if I was to realize the intent of my prayer and the energy
of that painting I must take action and put my money where my mouth is. I had
never bought a painting before, it certainly was not in my budget, but in acting on
my commitment, matched with my experience of what the painting was
communicating to me, opened the channels of manifestation. A month later I met
the man who, a year later, would be my second husband. A very traditional San
Joaquin Valley boy, I expected he would think the painting, and my story, bizarre,
but he loved both and it currently hangs on our living room wall.

April Smith

Jeanette S Voelm Testimonial

The Stonehenge Speaks Tarot Deck has a way of being grounded with the earth
and yet knows its home is in the sky.  The cards combine ancient wisdom with
the renewed knowledge from sacred geometry to the use of creativity and
manifestation. Currently, as I am grieving the one-year anniversary of my
daughter-in- laws sudden death. I went to the Stonehenge Speaks Deck and drew
a card asking the question "How does her early death serve me?  I drew
the 8-North card; Inspiration. Part of the message spoke to "sparks of inspiration
flowing through the opening created by turbulence". For me, this meant to return
to creating art as an outlet for my grief, as well as my opening to that which is
hidden and ready to be revealed. Did I mention that the pictures on the cards
seem to give off an energy frequency that greatly enhances the words written
about the cards in the booklet.

In appreciation for this deck, thank you, Rev. Penelope E. Clement!

Jeanette S Voelm