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9 – North: Willing Heart
The Willing Heart takes us to the world beyond right and wrong doing. What is your heart showing you?  
8 – North: Ocean of Fire
The Ocean of Fire connects us with our passion, imagination, and will. Where does your passion want to go?  
6 – North: Inspiration
The central stone is receptive to the sparks of inspiration flowing through the opening created by turbulence. What is being revealed to you?
5 – North: Turbulance
Changes cause turbulence, and change requires turbulence before it can happen. What can you see now that was not available before?    
3 – North: Larger Intelligence
Large growth brings larger intelligence. What larger thinking is being called forth in your situation?  
2 – North: Large Growth
Are you ready to receive the message/light/energy which will give you tremendous growth as you step out of the shadows and into the light of your being? What is available ...
1 – North: Light of Truth
The Light of truth brings up the shadows of not-truth. The Seeker is standing in the shadow. Are you ready to step into the light of what is actually there? ...