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17 – Star Power (Star)
The stars are out there, so near and yet so far. Promising so much, yet also out of touch. What are you ready to connect to in a whole new ...
13 – The Sun at Midnight (Death)
Death is available at midnight. If you choose to live, it is the dawn of a new day. How big a shadow are you casting over your new day? How ...
19 – Sun Power (Sun)
There are many personas available to you. Why not choose those who are more in alignment with your essential energy? There is a whole bouquet of personas. Which one are ...
21 – The Whole One (World)
We are whole and complete. Our world is whole and complete. We are ready for the next great adventure. How is the Whole One supporting you in the situation?
1 – The Wise One (Magician)
Who is willing to enter in and meet the Wise One, who is older than the hills and yet eternally present? Can you move forward on your path, trusting yourself ...
6 – Center: Sacred Geometry
Stonehenge was built with sacred geometry to be in alignment with the universe. How about you? Are you willing to build the structures you need (both inner and outer) to ...
5 – The Receiver (Hierophant)
The Receiver receives wisdom from above which flows through him to the world below. Take no further steps in your process until you have spent time in silence, listening to ...
16 – The Opener (Tower)
The Opener says, “Don’t stay locked in your structures and patterns. All is energy, all is fluid, all is possible. What is opening in the situation?  
3 – The Seer (Empress)
The Seer sees in the light of day and is connected to the sun. What do you envision for your world? Do you see that it is possible to manifest ...
11 – The Magical One (Justice)
Justice includes magic. One of the Openings of Stonehenge leads to the magic of the Faery Realm. Where would a little magic restore the justice in the situations? Are you ...
18 – Moon Power (Moon)
We find Moon Power deep within – within our selves, within our world, within our Universe. It does not show up in our outer reality. What needs illuminating from your ...
7 – Movement (Chariot)
One of the marker stones is leaning toward the circle, being drawn into that dynamic energy. What are you leaning towards? Are you ready to move towards it?